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Deck the Halls

So the Geek Squad came to my rescue and got my laptop working once again… YAY! I feel like I’ve been talking about our decorations for awhile now, but couldn’t post pictures without my working computer, so get prepared!

This is only our 3rd Christmas living together, so we haven’t had much time to accumulate a Christmas ornament/knick-knack collection yet. I cannot wait until the day our home is overflowing with Christmas goodness but, for now, what we have feels just right. My ultimate goal is to have my own little version of the North Pole right here in PA, but I’m a few years off from that point. One of the things I love about my husband is that he more than just tolerates the things I get fanatical about and he supports me in every way; this year, he got the tree ready a day early, hung all of the outdoor lights, and then let me buy whatever I deemed necessary. I’m lucky to have a guy like him because I’d be miserable if I was married to a Scrooge.

Our house:

I’ve seen so many inspiring TV specials, blogs, and pins that have given me ideas for Christmas Future. I realize I still have time to keep decorating for Christmas, afterall the 12 Days of Christmas are just beginning, but I think it’s best to sit back and enjoy what I have finished. I already have big plans for next year (yes, I plan a whole year in advance for decorating) so something tells me that I’ll start the Christmas crafting in September. Tee-hee. 🙂


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captain [3M] hook

Decorating our house for the first time will probably be something I’ll always remember. Finding a home for each and every knick knack has been a lot of fun and getting more decorations to fill the voids is even more fun.

This is the first year we have had a mantle to hang our stockings from. At our apartment, we hung our stockings around the doorway and it was cute and all, but nothing compares to stockings over a fireplace. The thing with our mantle though is that it also serves as the home for our TV so putting up those chunky stocking holders wouldn’t work. They would have partially obstructed the view of the tv. Another option would have been to put those hook screws in, but drilling holes for temporary hooks is definitely a no-go. Solution? 3m hooks!

Lowes, Home Depot, Target and even the grocery stores have them and there are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. I had considered getting the expensive metal-looking ones; however, they cost about $6 a piece! I’m thrifty and settled for the 6-pack of white medium hooks because they were a little over $6 for all of them. I affixed them flat onto the mantle top rather than vertically on the face of the fireplace. Messless success? I think so. And they’re virtually invisible amid the garlands and stockings so no worries about cheap plastic showing.


a bird's eye view of the hook


the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

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I say it all of the time, but I’m addicted to Pinterest. Like, addicted may not even cover what I have. Our internet was out last night and I was so disgruntled that I couldn’t go on Pinterest that I went to bed at 8:30!! I just love finding new and exciting (and random) things to love on there. One thing I found recently were these adorable twig stars. I knew instantly that they would be the perfect accompaniment to our rustic holiday décor and since I had tons of precut twigs from the wedding, I got started immediately.

The process was easy…

  1. Gather twigs of a similar size (or cut them)  — mine came precut
  2. Arrange them in a star figuration
  3. Tie each intersection/joint together with twine/hemp. Start with the 5 inside intersections and then move to the 5 outside points.

I only had 28 branches so I was limited to 5 stars, unfortunately. The directions were quick and easy and took less than 5 minutes total to create each star. While I liked the idea of the start being a wall decoration as it was portrayed in the Pin, I couldn’t fathom putting any additional holes in the walls downstairs so I sprinkled the stars in random areas of decor…


On the mini tree


In a floral arrangement above the sink

On some artwork with ornaments

On the shelves

How would you use these?

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