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Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate the people you love and the things you are thankful for. Generally, this means spending the day with family and eating until you face a food-induced coma. Because our group of friends is practically a family unit, we gather together every year on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. We call it Friendsgiving. There are football games, alcohol, lots of food, but most importantly, there is a very close knite group of friends celebrating what matters. We’ve done it for the past few years and look forward to doing it when we all start having families (gotta keep the ties tight!).

Friendsgiving 2010

Friendsgiving is a potluck so each person brings a holiday dish (think mashed potatoes, corn souffle, cranberry sauce, pies, etc) and the host does the turkey, stuffing, and gravy. This is the first year we get to host because we now have a home where there is room to gather and for that, I’m grateful and very excited!  I’m not sure how excited everyone else should be as I have never cooked a turkey before so it will be a learning experience for sure… I have found my turkey recipe, thanks to Wegman’s and their seasonal recipe booklet they send out, but I still need a stuffing recipe. My mom is a Stove Top fan (dirty little secret — I like it too) and Joe’s mom’s is delicious, but I don’t want to steal her recipe. When I finally settle on one, I’ll be sure to review the finished product.

In addition to getting to cook, I also get to decorate. I’m torn though… Friendgiving is definitely infringing upon Christmas territory, but I am one to honor each holiday on their own. While our Christmas tree will go up and the house will be decorated on  Black Friday, I think our tablescape will scream Autumn. Since I’ve never had to decorate for Thanksgiving, I’ve been collecting some inspiration online. Yesterday, I got the finishing touches and below is what I have come up with. Oh no, but where is the food going to go?! We have an island that will serve as the buffet. And yes, I also forgot to put the flatware out for the picture… bad me!

The whole table (minus my glasses and grandparent’s china) cost less than $25! The most expensive things being the tablecloth and the pumpkin spice votives, but natural elements are the way to go… cheap/free and seasonal!

Well now that I got to share this, I have to go put it all away before Joe wakes up and wonders why it’s Thanksgiving already.


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