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While perusing some pins last night I found a random, but darling, idea for a Christmas tree garland. Yes, I know it’s a bit late to create a new decoration, but making a garland that combined two sentimental elements was more than I could resist.

The holidays were always a very special time with my grandparents and I have been trying to come up with some type of Christmas ornament to honor their memory. For my Pop-pop, my solution was a traditional Polish glass ornament and for my Nanny, I had originally filled a glass ball with some of the teeny tiny buttons from her collection but it seemed to lack something special. I think the button garland is a better alternative because not only did she have a large collection of buttons but she was also the one who taught me how to crochet (plus it’s super duper cute!). Now, I haven’t crocheted in about 10 years, but I immediately went to town and even with my lack of recent experience it was an incredibly simple project.

How-to: Crocheted Button Garland

Materials needed:

  • An assortment of random buttons in the color scheme of your choice (I used a little over 100 and my chain is around 23 feet))
  • Yarn of your choice (can’t be too thick/fuzzy but needs to be durable)
  • An appropriate sized crochet hook (dependent upon the yarn you choose)


  1. Thread all of the buttons onto the yarn
  2. Create a continuous chain for about one foot
  3. Pull up one button and create a stitch around it to keep it in place
  4. Crochet a 1-2” chain (about 5-10 stitches)
  5. Pull up another button and stitch around it
  6. Crochet another 5-10 stitches
  7. Repeat, repeat, repeat
  8. Finish it off with another foot or so of chain stitches

The most involved step in the process was the first and that’s only because it’s hard to shove a hearty sized yarn through the holes of most buttons. Once you get that down (I taped/rolled the end of the yarn to make it easier), it’s pretty simple. I finished mine without too much of a hassle and still had enough yarn left to make a matching pot holder.  It’s too bad our tree is already decorated because the garland will have to wait until next year to be put to use. That’s okay though because it’s absolutely precious and goes well with our homey Christmas décor.

wrapped around some cardboard to prevent tangles


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