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There is only a little over a week until the Christmas season officially begins! Luckily my first Christmas craft is already done (yay!),  I have  coworkers who tolerate pre-season Christmas music (double yay!), and I am married to a man who is encouraging me to buy more decorations (super yay!). I don’t know how I’m going to last 10 more days without decking the halls, but for the sanity of everyone else, I’m trying. Afterall, it was 75 degrees today… that is not holiday weather! I have so many plans for this year: lots of DIY gifts, tons of Christmas baking, an array of new heirloom decorations, and an abundance of special moments spent with my favorite people (and kitty cat).

The card-making party this weekend was my unofficial start to the Christmas season and I’m loving it. I think coming home with 20 handmade Christmas cards on Sunday afternoon really helped to kick-start my holiday cheer. Glitter, ribbon, and cute little stamps tend to have that effect on me.

Still not sure how these will be used as Joe and I give out photo cards each year, but they are pretty to look at. Rather than keep them junked up in a drawer, maybe I’ll frame them and use them as decorations around the house. Either way, they are leading the way to Christmas and I could not be happier.

In addition to the attractive crafts project I got to bring home, I did take away a few important lessons:

  1. Your scissors can never be too sharp
  2. Always have scrap paper
  3. Most importantly: since no one knows what it’s “supposed” to look like, it’ll still be perfect  (it really is the thought that counts)



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