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I normally wouldn’t obsess over a beauty product, but I need to declare some love for Maybelline’s Super Stay24 hour lip color! It is uh-maze-ING! I was walking around Target last week (I know I’m not the only one who peruses the aisles on my lunch hour) and I was trying to pick out a red lipstick. I was originally planning on grabbing one of the regular kinds but at only $8.29, trying out an all day color seemed like a smart alternative. I have tried the 24-hour glosses and I’m not impressed. I can’t stand the sticky goopy feeling, but this is balmy like chapstick. It’s a simple 2 step process, and while it takes 2 minutes rather than the 10-second swoop, it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Step 1: Apply the color base. The one I bought is called All Day Cherry. I apply it rather thinly and in 2 layers. Let it dry completely – about a minute or two.

Step 2: Apply the clear top coat. (FYI, you will have to apply this coat intermittently throughout the day)

Voila! It’s shiny and beautiful but my husband won’t have to fear smudges all over him 🙂

don't mind the weird angle...


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