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Every year, I make a Christmas card to send out to all of our friends and relatives. Before we were married, it really made our family unit feel “official” for the holidays. I absolutely love doing it and this year is such a momentous year for us (married and new home!). I’m looking forward to having 10+ years worth to create a  timeline of Christmas cards that will show our family’s progression over the years. My favorite site by far is Pear Tree Greetings but this year the sales only applied to orders $75+. Well guess what? The whole point of using a coupon code is to NOT spend that much! Snapfish had emailed some great offers (40% off cards sitewide, free shipping, and 20% off entire order) that I could not refuse. So despite my love for Pear Tree’s high-quality cardstock, I decided to move myself over to Snapfish.

Creating a card is not a quick process, there is a lot of back and forth and editing that takes place. I already accomplished the first step which is picking the site that you find to be the most user-friendly (or the one with the best deals if you are like me). In order to create a beautiful card online you must:

  1. Pick a couple of really nice pictures that you’d be happy to use. Preferably, some would be in a horizontal and others in a vertical format so that you have options when looking at the cards. 
  2. Figure out which of the adorable layouts works best with your photos of choice, taking colors, patterns, and style into consideration (this can be hard considering most sites have at least 200 cards to choose from).
  3. Edit the pictures (crop/sepia/b&w) and insert your text (font type, color, size, position, etc.)
  4. Finalize it. This means examining the proof, zooming in and out to review the details as well as the “big picture”, and to doublecheck spelling.

Following these steps was simple. We have gorgeous wedding photos that I decided to use, which meant that Aubrey was not included. Snapfish is awesome though and they allow you to put a photo on the back of the card as well… Problem solved! I saw the most adorable picture on Pinterest of a little boy wrapped in some Christmas lights and thought it would be perfect for Aubrey’s Christmas picture. Not so…

After taking about 20 unsuccessful shots, and Joe laughing hysterically at my attempts, I finally gave up. I added some pictures and found some attractive girly fonts on the site and just went from there. The card turned out very simple and jolly if you ask me. I cannot wait to share our Christmas card! Since it’ll be a surprise, here’s a preview of our little Grinch on the reverse side of the card 🙂


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