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I have wanted a great wreath on our door since taking down all of the holiday stuff. After searching high and low and everywhere in between, I wasn’t able to find one that oozed charm and simplicity so I settled on decided to make my own.

I knew what I didn’t want it to look like, but I couldn’t picture what I DID want. For inspiration, I turned to Pinterest (where else?!) and found so many adorable coffee filter wreathes. Oh the things you can do with common household supplies… I love it!! While I thought a full frilly wreath might be too much for the Mr. to handle, when I saw this, I knew I was on to something.

Off to AC Moore I went for a grapevine wreath and house numbers.
$7.87, some paint and a bit of hot glue later I had this:

With minimal supplies and just an hour of time the wreath was done.  Not too shabby… rather, it’s just shabby enough!!

Since the numbers are what took the most time because of the crackle finish, I thought I would actually highlight that aspect rather than the flowers since there are tutorials all over the web for those. I wanted something that looked found but I didn’t have time to browse antique stores for a 6, 3, and 0. Crackle is all over everything – outdoor décor, picture frames, even finger nails, so it was easy to decide upon that finish. I ran across some crackle medium at the craft store for $8 which on its own was not that bad but since all I wanted to paint was three 4” letters, that just didn’t seem cost effective.  I did some searching and found that you can do crackle with Elmer’s glue… SAY WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. Elmer’s glue will create a phenomenal crackle finish!

Materials needed:

  • Elmer’s glue (wood glue, all purpose, school… any will work)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Water (if desired)
  • Sponge brush.


  1. Sand/prime object if necessary
  2. Paint the object with a thin base coat of paint; this is the color that you want to see through the crackles. Let dry completely. (about 10 minutes, give or take)
  3. Paint a thick, gloppy (gloppy is a word J) coat of glue. Allow it to get tacky and thicken up a bit but do NOT let it dry.
  4. Immediately paint the main color; this is the color that will eventually crackle. Try to paint in one direction, which I personally found to be a bit difficult considering I was making a 3-dimensional object, but do your best!
  5. Step back and let it dry. This will take a good 10-30 minutes to completely dry on its own. You’ll gradually see the crackles begin to form which is fun in its own right. (I lack patience entirely, so I pulled out my blow dryer and put it on a low setting to speed up the process)
  6. Enjoy the crackly goodness and use for whatever finished project you want! Since Elmer’s is not waterproof, you NEED to waterproof it with a clear coat, but that’s not necessary if it won’t come in contact with water.

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While perusing some pins last night I found a random, but darling, idea for a Christmas tree garland. Yes, I know it’s a bit late to create a new decoration, but making a garland that combined two sentimental elements was more than I could resist.

The holidays were always a very special time with my grandparents and I have been trying to come up with some type of Christmas ornament to honor their memory. For my Pop-pop, my solution was a traditional Polish glass ornament and for my Nanny, I had originally filled a glass ball with some of the teeny tiny buttons from her collection but it seemed to lack something special. I think the button garland is a better alternative because not only did she have a large collection of buttons but she was also the one who taught me how to crochet (plus it’s super duper cute!). Now, I haven’t crocheted in about 10 years, but I immediately went to town and even with my lack of recent experience it was an incredibly simple project.

How-to: Crocheted Button Garland

Materials needed:

  • An assortment of random buttons in the color scheme of your choice (I used a little over 100 and my chain is around 23 feet))
  • Yarn of your choice (can’t be too thick/fuzzy but needs to be durable)
  • An appropriate sized crochet hook (dependent upon the yarn you choose)


  1. Thread all of the buttons onto the yarn
  2. Create a continuous chain for about one foot
  3. Pull up one button and create a stitch around it to keep it in place
  4. Crochet a 1-2” chain (about 5-10 stitches)
  5. Pull up another button and stitch around it
  6. Crochet another 5-10 stitches
  7. Repeat, repeat, repeat
  8. Finish it off with another foot or so of chain stitches

The most involved step in the process was the first and that’s only because it’s hard to shove a hearty sized yarn through the holes of most buttons. Once you get that down (I taped/rolled the end of the yarn to make it easier), it’s pretty simple. I finished mine without too much of a hassle and still had enough yarn left to make a matching pot holder.  It’s too bad our tree is already decorated because the garland will have to wait until next year to be put to use. That’s okay though because it’s absolutely precious and goes well with our homey Christmas décor.

wrapped around some cardboard to prevent tangles

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I say it all of the time, but I’m addicted to Pinterest. Like, addicted may not even cover what I have. Our internet was out last night and I was so disgruntled that I couldn’t go on Pinterest that I went to bed at 8:30!! I just love finding new and exciting (and random) things to love on there. One thing I found recently were these adorable twig stars. I knew instantly that they would be the perfect accompaniment to our rustic holiday décor and since I had tons of precut twigs from the wedding, I got started immediately.

The process was easy…

  1. Gather twigs of a similar size (or cut them)  — mine came precut
  2. Arrange them in a star figuration
  3. Tie each intersection/joint together with twine/hemp. Start with the 5 inside intersections and then move to the 5 outside points.

I only had 28 branches so I was limited to 5 stars, unfortunately. The directions were quick and easy and took less than 5 minutes total to create each star. While I liked the idea of the start being a wall decoration as it was portrayed in the Pin, I couldn’t fathom putting any additional holes in the walls downstairs so I sprinkled the stars in random areas of decor…


On the mini tree


In a floral arrangement above the sink

On some artwork with ornaments

On the shelves

How would you use these?

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a HEARTy breakfast

I’m not new to making special breakfasts. I love it. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Valentine's Day Breakfast for Joe

See these adorable heart pancakes from way back in 2009 (our first holiday living together)?

I’m always on the search for cute ways to prepare breakfast. One of the most convenient and adorable ideas I saw on Pinterest was a cooked egg in the hole of a slice of toast. And what could make that better for the man I love? A heart-shaped hole of course!  I used regular white bread, a large heart cookie cutter, and scrambled eggs (the husband is not a fan of sunny side up). I thought it would be super simple and didn’t look up directions. BAD IDEA. Somehow it started off looking good, and then I don’t know what happened…

It definitely didn’t turn out as pretty as these. Martha Stewart always has the answer and it looks like I should have used a thicker slice of bread and then a cookie cutter as a mold for the egg. No matter… Joe thought it was delicious. He even requested it today, but I was in the midst of preparing another new breakfast for him to enjoy. Next time, I will follow dear Martha’s guidelines.

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Diggin’ the Dip

I absolutely love being a guest in somebody else’s house! Not only do I love it, I think I’m pretty good at it as well. The art of visiting is just as important as hosting ettiquette in my opinion. I use my best manners, I clean up after myself, and I offer to help in any way I can. Oh, and I always bring something yummy for everyone to enjoy as well.

Today I attended a Christmas Card party hosted by my manager. You read that right, I attended a *weekend* event at my boss’s house… but it was for CHRISTMAS; I couldn’t pass up on that. I felt the pressure to bring something delicious and none of my tried and true standbys felt right. I didn’t want it to seem like I was trying too hard, but I also wanted it to be super tasty. Since the party was holiday themed and there would be a few kids in attendance, I knew I had to find something sweet. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration; if you’re not on Pinterest already, you better get to it! I found a scrumptious looking picture of Chocolate-chip Cheesecake Dip… How could that not appeal to your tastebuds immediately? It linked to a fellow blogger, Slice & Dice, and the recipe looked easier than easy and better yet I had all of the ingredients in the kitchen. Score!

I tweaked the recipe a little, as the original called for 1 cup of mini chocolate chips, which seemed like way too much. Too much chocolate, you say?! What a travesty! Well, to each his own I suppose. I added 1/2 cup to the mix and sprinkled about 1.5 tablespoons on top and I think it turned out very chocolate chip-y.  The end result definitely looked delish and the teddy grahams (I got the chocolate and chocolatey chip varieties) made it delightfully kid-friendly.

The ladies remarked that the dip tasted a lot like cannoli filling. It’s tangy, rich, sweet, and creamy and the mini chips add the right touch. I’m looking forward to making other types of “cheesecake.” I’m thinking strawberry preserves or chocolate fudge swirled in with graham crackers on the side or some pumpkin pie filling folded into the mixture with gingersnaps for dipping. MMM! I’m definitely diggin’ this dip and will be adding it to my favorites immediately; I think you should, too.

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