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I love being married. No really, I do! There are very few days that compare to your wedding day and mine was an absolute dream! It’s the first day of the rest of your life but on a sad note, it’s just that… 24 hours and then it’s over. I miss it every once in a while and that’s when I find myself browsing through the online portfolio of wedding photos.

Since I’m such a sentimental person I’ve been toying with the idea of a shadow box. I have pictures all over, but I wanted to showcase not just photos, but mementos, too. Since I had some time to spare today, I was able to get this project completed. I bought a shadow box frame around Thanksgiving and just needed to figure out what I wanted to put inside. Since mine was for the wedding, it was rather easy because there was only a day’s worth of items to select, but for something like a baby’s first year, or a vacation, I could imagine that being much more daunting.

Materials Needed:

  • Shadow box frame (mine had a fabric-covered foam backing and a hinged door)
  • Straight pins
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pictures and small trinkets (try to make sure that each item has direct relevance to whatever topic/event you choose)

For my project, I used:

  • Fabric (scrap from the clutches I made for the bridesmaids)
  • Groom’s boutonniere
  • Dried Moss, twig, and flower from a centerpiece
  • Remnant from my veil — I cut a piece off a piece of the scalloped edge . (I swear I’m not crazy, but I also don’t live under any ill-conceived notion that my future daughter will think my fashion selection is as timeless as I do.)
  • Portrait of us
  • Save the Date announcement
  • Wedding Invitation


  1. Gather any items you may want to place in your shadow box. You may notice that once you have them all together, you will want to create a color scheme or maybe something is just a bit too large. For example, I had originally wanted two pictures, but one was black and white which conflicted with the natural hues of everything else so it was an easy decision not to include it.
  2. If covering the backdrop, cut the fabric to the exact size of the opening (if not, go to step 3). While the back of my shadow box wasn’t ugly, it was a bit too white plain. I placed the double-sided tape all over in order to create a sticky surface to easily adhere the fabric from my bridesmaids’ clutches.

    it's faint, but you can see the tape criss-crossing all over

  3. Arrange all the items in a visually appealing way. Consider size, depth and texture in your layout. Larger items should be placed in the background, while smaller items that might get lost should be placed in the foreground. If using all flat items (say photos, postcards, and ticket stubs), consider attaching layers of foam board to the back so that you get some dimension rather than just a collage.

    trial and error!

  4. Once you have a layout you are happy with TAKE A PICTURE
  5. Remove all of the items.
  6. Following your photo as a guide, begin attaching the items. For flat things I used double-sided tape, but for items that need more stability, use a pin to attach them. If using a pin, do not use it like a thumb tack!! Go in on a very tight angle, as close to horizontally as possible.
  7. Once you’re finished, step back and stare in awe at your masterpiece!

Hmm… now where do I put it??

its temporary home in my office



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