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a HEARTy breakfast

I’m not new to making special breakfasts. I love it. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Valentine's Day Breakfast for Joe

See these adorable heart pancakes from way back in 2009 (our first holiday living together)?

I’m always on the search for cute ways to prepare breakfast. One of the most convenient and adorable ideas I saw on Pinterest was a cooked egg in the hole of a slice of toast. And what could make that better for the man I love? A heart-shaped hole of course!  I used regular white bread, a large heart cookie cutter, and scrambled eggs (the husband is not a fan of sunny side up). I thought it would be super simple and didn’t look up directions. BAD IDEA. Somehow it started off looking good, and then I don’t know what happened…

It definitely didn’t turn out as pretty as these. Martha Stewart always has the answer and it looks like I should have used a thicker slice of bread and then a cookie cutter as a mold for the egg. No matter… Joe thought it was delicious. He even requested it today, but I was in the midst of preparing another new breakfast for him to enjoy. Next time, I will follow dear Martha’s guidelines.


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