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Happy 2012!  It’s that time of year again… time for the kiddies to go back to school, for you to get back to work, and for me to make my list of resolutions.  I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t make a New Year’s Resolution but the endless possibilities of a whole new year are too enticing for me to resist.

Unlike most people I tend to be very good at sticking with my resolutions. My secret? I follow three rules I learned in my 7th grade social studies class. (Thanks, Mr. Z!)

  • Be specific.
  • Be realistic. 
  • Be passionate.

2012 Resolutions:

  1. I resolve to do something new: learn to embroider, do a Pin a week (and blog about it), and take a weekly Pilates class.
  2. I resolve to be a healthier person: spend 30+ minutes on the treadmill during each gym visit, wear sunscreen daily, and purchase/eat organic meat, vegetables, fruit, and dairy.
  3. I resolve to take more pride in my appearance: wear lipstick regularly, dress like the icons I admire, and wear my contacts more often.

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